Saturday, July 18, 2009

George Walters Jewelry Design

George Walters Jewelry Design

One of a kind masterpieces for fashionista's! "For Fun And Envy"


George Walters said...

Check out my regular website for an alternative selection of original neck ornaments at:

George Walters said...

I'm located in San Francisco, California designing and making one of a kind handmade beaded necklaces or as I prefer to call them "neck ornaments" for women who demand and expect top quality jewelry. I primarily use new large to enormous size semi-precious stone, bone, antique coral, handmade glass, .925 sterling silver, vermeil and other rare collectible antique beads in my creations. I only use top quality materials and put considerable time, energy and attention into every little detail. My neck ornaments are made to look beautiful now and for years from now, hopefully becoming future family heirlooms.
Each of my creations tends to be a very dramatic statement and expression of self confidence by the women who wear them. My masterpieces are designed for women who are true trendsetters and authentic fashionistas who are constantly reinventing themselves. My neck ornaments always command lots of attention wherever they're worn, making the women who wear them boldly stand out from the rest of the crowd.
I've always found the history of jewelry fascinating with its history of being a symbol of one's success, power and social status across all cultures and continents from ancient times 'til the present.....even including the multiple ways beads have been used and traded in the past in lieu of currency since the beginning of man.
My goal is to provide my clients with original, exciting, fun, stunning and beautiful one of a kind pieces of quality wearable art making them the envy of everyone they encounter.

lina said...

Hello George,love the description you have used for your creations. I had a look and your creations do live up to it. Well done. what do you think of mine, I just love this business and really do want to make it as a jewellery designer, i just love to make people happy with my creations

George Walters said...

Thanks for your praise. I think your blog is great! Very nice jewelry too.

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