Thursday, September 3, 2009

Of All the Beads

Of All the Beads

Of All The Beads is a handcrafted artisan jewelry company where the stones are the stars, and clasps are the supporting cast. Designer Hazel Brutsche channels her creative energy into selecting unusual and striking semi-precious stones, clasps, and sterling components that make each piece a stand-out. Do you have broken costume jewelry? Reconnecting customers with their lost treasures is one of Hazel's passions. She provides a repair service to replace broken clasps, reknot pearls, restring beads and more. She'll even shop for beads to match your broken beauties.


Hazel Brutsche said...

I’m Hazel Brutsché and I’ve been creating original handcrafted jewelry for a dozen years. I am always amazed at the wealth of colors and textures in precious and semi-precious stones. I thoroughly enjoy hand-picking unusual and striking stones; things you don’t see every day.

My fascination with stones started in eighth grade earth science class. I began collecting rocks, then moved on to stone nugget necklaces, since they were affordable on a teenager’s budget.

My love affair with vintage costume jewelry, having inherited a large collection, ultimately led me to start this business. I first learned to repair vintage costume jewelry to keep it in good repair while wearing it. Next came a series of classes and the trial-and-error creation of jewelry with the stones I loved for so long. Gifts for friends and family followed, along with the encouragement to do more and try new techniques.

For me, it’s all about the stones: After I work up a design, the stones guide my decisions—they know what they want. That’s why the jewelry I create is either a limited edition or one-of-a-kind.

My jewelry is handcrafted of precious and semi-precious beads, as well as crystals, sterling silver, gold, pearls, glass, and various handmade treasures. My favorites are moonstones, red coral, spinel, jade, and all types of jasper.

I search extensively to find unusual clasps and findings to create a style that is both contemporary and classic. Each piece is made to last, so handle your jewelry gently and you will have it to enjoy for years to come.

Hazel Brutsche said...

I'll be at the Falls Church Community Center for their Holiday Craft Show on December 5th and 6th (in Falls Church City, VA). I'd love to meet you there! Remember to bring any jewelry you'd like me to repair.

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